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Turn your ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with our thoughtfully curated tea collections. From exotic blends to favourite classics, each tea is a symphony of unique flavours & aromas that will leave you surprised.

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, festivities or any joyous occasion, our enchanting teas, nestled in exquisite gift boxes, are like stories waiting to be unwrapped. Choose our tea tales to gift your loved ones an unforgettable experience!      


Pause & ponder as you sip on the harmony of nature steeped in this delightful collection of gourmet teas. Each tea in this gorgeous gift box is specially crafted to offer unique flavours & aromas, giving you a truly magical experience.

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Need a pick-me-up after a hectic day? Enjoy an authentic tea experience to rejuvenate yourself.  Whether you need a quick sip or a soothing tea-brewing ritual, we’ve got you covered with a loose-leaf tea & a tea bag variant. Treat yourself to some self-care or gift this exquisitely packaged box to your family & friends, giving them a moment of pure bliss.

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Sipping on a perfect cup of tea is an evocative experience. A layered journey of many terrains, flavours, aromas and memories to evoke new experiences. It is in this symphony that our exclusive gift box, Dawn- a collection of 6 unique teas, resides! Packaged in an exquisite box, each tea will delight you with an unforgettable experience.

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Celebrating the onset of festivities & the spirit of joyfulness, our Tea Lover’s Bliss gift box is a collection of gourmet teas packed in a gorgeous wooden box. Perfect for an iconic festive gifting choice, this assortment of 6 exceptional teas is carefully crafted to add luxury to your tea-time ritual.

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Gourmet Chai Collection

Introducing the ultimate tea lover's dream - a luxurious Gourmet Chai Collection gift box containing a trio of  exquisite tea blends from 1868 by Tata Tea. Discover the perfect balance of aroma and flavor with our premium Masala Chai, crafted with a rich blend of spices and bold Assam tea. For a taste of the bustling streets of Kolkata, indulge in Kolkata Street Chai, bursting with the bold flavors of cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg. And lastly, savor the timeless elegance of Cream of Assam Tea, a quintessential blend that is renowned for its strength, aroma, taste, and rich malty notes, making this gift box a true treasure for any tea connoisseur.  

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Signature Tea Blends

Experience the rich and exotic flavors of Indian tea with Signature Tea Blends gift box - the ultimate indulgence for tea enthusiasts. Featuring three unique blends, each tea is a tantalizing journey for your taste buds. First, the premium Saunf Masala Chai, with its bold and invigorating aroma. The second tea in this set is the Dessert Chai, a heavenly blend of black tea, cardamom, and natural kesar pista flavor, that will satisfy your sweet tooth. And finally, the classic Masala Chai from 1868 by Tata Tea, a rich blend that takes you back in time. Packaged in beautifully designed tins, these teas will remain aromatic and flavorful for months to come.

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Assorted Teas Collection

Introducing the Assorted Teas Collection gift box that promises a sensory journey through the world of tea. The collection features three exquisite blends, each with a unique flavor profile. The premium Assam Orthodox Tea is the first on the list, with its delectable and malty flavor, complemented by a subtle sweetness. The second is the Caramel Green Chilli Tea, an intriguing and delectable fusion of caramel sweetness and spicy green chilli that will leave your taste buds craving for more. The third and final tea is the Green With Rose, a sumptuous blend infused with the delicate aroma of rose petals, offering an enchanting experience with every sip. Presented in a beautifully designed gift box, each tea is carefully packaged to retain its flavor. Give the gift of luxury and indulgence with this Assorted Teas Collection gift box.

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